«1946, the sun is falling in Boada de Roa, Gabriela Viyuela holds a bunch of grapes in her hands, she does not know that was just the beginning a dream that would occupy her life: To leave her imprint on riverside ‘s history, transmitting her passion for wine and its land to her descendants. Our vineyards are located at an altitude of 812 MSL in the best area of the Ribera del Duero with a great exposure to the sun, and a mix of soils difficult to be found in other wine regions. Bodega Viyuela’s dream is to let consumers feel the love that we give to the complete process every day and share your good times with our wines.


Red Wine

Viyuela Barrica

Bluish, clean and brilliant colours.
Red Wine

Viyuela Crianza

Bright colour, intense shades, prolonged youthfulness.
Red Wine

Viyuela Reserva

Atractive red ruby colour of average-high cap. Cean and brilliant.