Started from the ground up by Ing. Ana Rosa Carrillo over 20 years ago, she continues to lead her expert local team in the selection of best agaves that go into their own masonry ovens to be cooked with care following the traditional ways to then be milled, and slowly fermented in wooden vats with care and nature’s expert hands. Mi Tierra Tequila is distilled in our very own copper stills, where only the best cuts are selected for our Silver, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo handcrafted Tequila.
Care, tradition, expert hands, patience, the best agave hearts and water from our very own springs are the only ingredients in every bottle of Tequila Mi Tierra.


Tequila blanco

Tequila Silver 40% ABV 750ml

A smooth tequila balanced with the flavor of cooked agave. Shinny with a notable shape. Nose: A plethora of powerful citric essences, from grapefruit, oranges and lemons, as well as the sweet undertone of the cooked agave compliment the herbal tones that define the character of this tequila.
Tequila Extra añejo

Mi Tierra Extra Anejo 40% ABV 1000ml

Ultra-Premium collectors Tequila aged in French oak barrels for 54 months resulting in a sweet, intense, exquisite tequila to cherish.
Each bottle is handmade, engraved with gold and sculpted through various stages to include the figure of Mayahuel, the Goddess of Tequila in the 750ml bottle, and Pakal, the last Mayan Emperor in the 1lt. Bottle.

For contemplating, collecting, sipping and enjoying slowly and forever.

Tequila reposado

Mi Tierra Reposado 40% ABV 750ml

Our Tequila rests in French oak barrels for 8 months providing intense aromas that help create the character of this premium product. Bright, with golden highlights and a fruity, sweet and herbal palate with layers of butterscotch and vanilla.
Tequila añejo

Mi Tierra Anejo 40% ABV 750ml

Designed to please all the senses, this is a tequila handcrafted by process until its final form, created with water from our own springs. Made with only the best agaves in our masonry ovens, it is fermented slowly and naturally after which the fibers of the best agaves are added to wooden tubs and copper stills to achieve the characteristic flavor of our handcrafted tequila. Nose: Cooked agave with undertones of caramel, vanilla butter and chocolate with nuances of aged fruit creating a delicate aroma that completes the harmony and equilibrium of this tequila.