Plug into the U.S. Wine and Spirits market in a new more effective way

The U.S. Wine & Spirits market is a 3 tier system where entry is easy, but success is very tough. Not anymore, we listened and decided to do business in a different way.

What we do

Innovative way of selling your brand

Focus on market share and sales, not on fighting and wasting time and money on getting the attention of your importer or distributor’s sales team.

Have your own dedicated sales team in the U.S. market, no more middle men killing your chances of making real, repetitive sales.

No more sales stagnation and non allocated inventories going from one importer and distributor to the next, no more getting lost in someone’s extensive brand portfolio, put an end to importer and distributor’s churn.

Terroir Connections is the new way.

Do you want to:



Export your brand to the U.S.



Buy direct from top producers around the world

Winemakers and Distillers,
we are your stateside sales team

We are licensed to import and sell in every state
  • Your brand will be available nationwide from day 1, no more single state import and distribution operations. One single point of contact to the world’s biggest market
Exclusivity for your brand
  • Stop competing for space in a portfolio, we offer niche, region, style and price segment exclusivity to our producer partners
  • No more getting your brand forgotten on lost in a gigantic portfolio after the first sale
Fully compliant warehousing and total inventory and sales transparency
  • Our warehouse is 100% compliant, all inventory is digitized and available for you to track in real time. Sales, transfers, purchase orders, shipments and deliveries, all tracked and reported to you regularly.
  • Complimentary warehousing allowance for your brands
Direct access to big retail, online, on and off trade buyers
  • Over 20 years combined trade experience
  • 9000+ buyers and decision makers
Our producers

Buyers, the best possible price direct from the producer

No more middle men, buy direct, buy locally
  • We are the producer’s sales office in the U.S. market, when you buy from us, you are buying directly from the winery or distillery of your choice. The right price for the right market, no more margins on top of margins.
Carefully curated portfolio of salable brands
  • Our experienced team does the research and searching for you. We are constantly looking at market and consumer trends, keeping an eye on what is selling and what is coming, so we can carefully select brands in different categories, regions, styles and price segments that give you a real chance of having repetitive sales in your market.
Local marketing and training support
  • No more waiting for brand ambassadors, winemakers to visit the U.S and do training and tastings, or long decision processes for promos and special deals. We train your staff, give you marketing support and provide you with the quick response time your team needs to make sales.

Us, what we are about

After years of working the market, and wearing the importer, the distributor and the producer’s team jerseys, we decided to stop, listen and develop an innovative way of working in this complex, competitive and challenging 3 tier system to the benefit of the three key components, the producer, the buyer and the end consumer, not the middle men.

Our multicultural team is focused on creating long, successful, profitable connections between the winemaker, the distiller and the market, and dedicated to finding the best brand and the right buyer for it to create long lasting business relationships, repetitive sales and real market presence.

We are about real productive, successful partnerships, not about one time business.

Our goal is to create and add value to both sides of the business, the wineries and distilleries and the distributors, to offer optimal selling and buying opportunities, and fluid, transparent efficient logistics solutions to make brands available to the U.S. market at real competitive pricing.

Fair play, transparency, open communication and building long term, successful business relationships are key values shared by our team members and the foundation of Terroir Connections.


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