At Weinbiet, experience meets dynamism through the constant exchange of knowledge, working across generations and families passionate for the quality of our wines. Since 1902, this strong community has been creating the best conditions for great wines. Today, around 50 winegrowers are part of our cooperative where together we cultivate 325 ha of vineyards in the heart of the Palatinate. Everyone concentrates on what suits them best: care and the right feeling in the vineyard, prudence and tact in the cellar, enjoyment of contact with our guests and customers. Our common denominator is the demand we have on our wines. Together we work towards one goal: To create wines that are fun and bear our individual signature.


White Wine

Weinbiet - Riesling Classic

With its fantastic sweetness-acidity play, this Riesling delights the palate. Fresh, fruity and with a very well-integrated residual sweetness, the aromas of peach and apple are particularly harmonious. Powerful and juicy on the palate, with great sweetness and acidity and a crisp mineral finish.
White Wine

Weinbiet -Philipp Bassler - Grosses Gewächs - Riesling trocken

Its fresh acidity and aromas of citrus and apple are supported by a balanced yet accentuated minerality. However, this Riesling stands out from the classic Rieslings. On the finish, it delights Riesling lovers with a rich creaminess that lingers very long on the palate with a fresh aftertaste.