Preserving the ancient process that for ages was part of the splendor of the Zapotecan culture, and to pay homage to the Gods of our ancestors, Mezcal Sol de Oaxaca is produced with the utmost respect for the traditions our forefathers. Our Mezcal bottles carry the colors of the world famous Oaxacan Alebriges, flames from the smiling sun that reflect the reverence and joy of our labor. We selected the Espadín variety grown organically in the hillsides of Oaxaca for 8 to 10 years, where is farmed with care, cooking underground, then the very carefully fermented with natural endemic yeasts. Our Mezcal is double distilled under the expert supervision of our Maestro Mescalero, and the watchful eye of the COMERCAM (regulatory council of the appellation of origin) and FDA to them be finished with our very own spring water from the Oaxacan mountains resulting in Sol de Oaxaca’s Mezcal unique taste.



Mezcal Joven, Espadin 40% ABV 750ml

Completely transparent color with silver shades, apparent high average density, with good adherence to the crystal and slow tearing.

Mezcal Reposado, Espadin 40% ABV 750ml

Clear yellow color with green straw shines, clean and bright with a high adherence to the cup with a slow tearing.